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A font and typography design bureau set up in 2000 by Luc(as) de Groot, and based in Berlin, Germany.

His fonts include the Thesis family, which is probably the most comprehensive typeface family ever produced, containing three distinct letterforms, TheSans, TheSerif, and TheMix, each in 8 weights (extra light, light, semi light, normal, semi bold, bold, extra bold, and black), and each weight in 6 variants (plain, italic, small caps, small caps italic, expert, and expert italic), making a total of 144 different fonts.

Fonts published by LucasFonts:

Corpid Black
Corpid Condensed
Corpid Condensed Black
Corpid Condensed Light
Corpid Light
Corpid Semi Condensed
Corpid Semi Condensed Black
Corpid Semi Condensed Light
Floris SP
Floris SP Black
Floris SP Extra Light
Floris Text
Floris Text Bold
Nebulae Two
Punten Extremo
Punten Rondom
Punten Straight
Qua Text
Qua Text Bold
Spiegel Bold
Spiegel Condensed
Spiegel Condensed Black
Sun Black
Sun Bold
Sun Extra Light
Taz Black
Taz Condensed
Taz Condensed Black
Taz Condensed Hair
Taz Hair
Tazzer Text
Tazzer Text Bold
TheAntiqua B
TheAntiqua B Black
TheAntiqua B Light
TheMix Basic
TheMix Black
TheMix Classic
TheMix Condensed
TheMix Condensed Black
TheMix Condensed Light
TheMix Light
TheMix Mono
TheSans Basic
TheSans Black
TheSans Classic
TheSans Condensed
TheSans Condensed Black
TheSans Condensed Light
TheSans Hair
TheSans Light
TheSans Mono
TheSans Mono Black
TheSans Mono Condensed
TheSans Mono Condensed Black
TheSans Mono Condensed Light
TheSans Mono Light
TheSans Mono Semi Condensed
TheSans Mono Semi Condensed Black
TheSans Mono Semi Condensed Light
TheSans Typewriter
TheSerif Basic
TheSerif Black
TheSerif Classic
TheSerif Light