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What people say about Identifont

We would like to thank everyone who has emailed or tweeted Identifont with feedback about the site; here is a selection of communications, reproduced with permission:

Marcel Englmaier - 13th February 2015

You have made a genius web app. I managed to find the font I was looking at through your question thing. Thank you for making it - a super satisfied web-person.

Roger Widdowson - 7th January 2015

Just wanted to email you and say what a fantastic resource you have.

It has come in useful because our graphic designer (ex-graphic designer) refused to tell us which font he used in the creation of our logo).

Brilliant website!  Many thanks.

Mark Dooling - 10th November 2014

Hi guys - I just felt compelled to write to you to congratulate you on one of the most useful web sites I have seen in a VERY long time. Absolutely brilliant! I'm a professional web developer and I have to say I will be using your site frequently from now on and shouting from the rooftops about it. Thanks so much!

Sara Rodrigues - 28th October 2014

I just wanted to say THANK YOU...  Your font finder just saved my day! :)

Keep up the Great work!!! :)

Richard Honey - 13th September 2014

Great service. Just tracked down a client's logo font. Supplied logo was low res as so often. Sometimes easier just to recreate.

Tom Wuthrich - 16th August 2014

What an outstanding service you provide!

It took a while, but I tracked down the name of a font which disappeared when my old computer quit and had to be replaced.

Vanda Ingham - 25th April 2014

I used your detecting system and identified the font I was looking for. Brilliant. Thank you.

Christopher Beard - 6th March 2014

I don’t normally send these emails, but I had to say thanks! I don’t know if the process to identify the font by asking unique questions about the font is an easy one to set up, but it works very effectively and got it right first go.

Thanks for your help. Will make sure it’s bookmarked and shared.

Daryl J. Wilson - 8th November 2013

Neat site. Very helpful. Thanx much!!!!

Sandy Lee - 31st May 2013

This website is amazing. I was able to identify a font from a poorly-scanned PDF file. It is now bookmarked.