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What people say about Identifont

We would like to thank everyone who has emailed Identifont with feedback about the site; here is a selection of communications, reproduced with permission:

Tom Wuthrich - 16th August 2014

What an outstanding service you provide!

It took a while, but I tracked down the name of a font which disappeared when my old computer quit and had to be replaced.

Vanda Ingham - 25th April 2014

I used your detecting system and identified the font I was looking for. Brilliant. Thank you.

Christopher Beard - 6th March 2014

I don’t normally send these emails, but I had to say thanks! I don’t know if the process to identify the font by asking unique questions about the font is an easy one to set up, but it works very effectively and got it right first go.

Thanks for your help. Will make sure it’s bookmarked and shared.

Daryl J. Wilson - 8th November 2013

Neat site. Very helpful. Thanx much!!!!

Sandy Lee - 31st May 2013

This website is amazing. I was able to identify a font from a poorly-scanned PDF file. It is now bookmarked.

Gwen Wilkins - 10th November 2012

I’d like to say a heart-felt thank you for providing such a valuable service! My job requires me to match fonts of business logos for imprinting onto pens, calendar covers and the like. Identifont is the resource I turn to on nearly every project.

James McDonald - 2nd November 2012

I have used your site a number of times to find a font and I have been amazed at the accuracy of the results. It is almost like magic.

Eric Hellstrand - 19th October 2012

Keep up the good work with the site, this tool has been a lifesaver for me.

Kristen Payne - 27th July 2012

I love Identifont!

That is all.

You guys are great!

Rachel Kodner - 7th May 2012

Your website helped me identify the font for "Trident Seafoods". The font is Crillee italic. Thanks so much!