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What people say about Identifont

We would like to thank everyone who has emailed or tweeted Identifont with feedback about the site; here is a selection of communications, reproduced with permission:

Christopher Ryan Patton - 29th June 2017

I wasted a lot of time trying on another site with an image uploaded, but it was never accurate. 5 minutes answering questions on your site and it was the first result, I was really impressed. Thanks again

Oriana Tuitama - 13th February 2017

I just wanted to say I went through three different websites to try and identify a font and your Fonts by Appearance tool worked perfectly! The accuracy was spot on. Thank you!

Mark Davis - 1st July 2016

A huge shoutout to @Identifont—so eager to help and an invaluable service to my two lives as a graphic designer, and as a typeface designer.

Jesse J. Waters - 26th May 2016

Just a message to say, thank you for a great website … I enjoy your site for the pure thrill of seeing the plethora of fonts and their subtle differences.

Mary Ann Flockerzi - 23rd May 2016

Your website is awesome! I had gone through my entire list of fonts before using Identifont, but with your brilliant website, I discovered I DO have the matching font. Thank you so much!

Terre Dunivant - 12th February 2016

Just had to let you know how thankful I am for your service. I’ve used it several times over the years, most often with incomplete font sets, and Identifont gets it almost every time.

Muhammad Farooqi - 4th February 2016

Hei guys.. you know what. .you are awesome.. :)

I loved your work, your efforts and all for free… your website for selection/finding the fonts is really great. Not only it helps in matching the font. but also in suggestion.

Denise Bettencourt - 5th November 2015

Just HAD to send a quick thank you! I work with children's curriculum and am constantly trying to "patch in" matching fixes. Your font-finding process is terrific! And we even had a great time in the office with the questions. :) You are definitely filling a gap!

Andrew Fraser - 29th October 2015

A great site. Simple to use. Accurate result.

Many thanks.

Tim Baker - 6th August 2015

I wanted to say I love your site and it’s been a trusty resource many times for me.