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What people say about Identifont

We would like to thank everyone who has emailed or tweeted Identifont with feedback about the site; here is a selection of communications, reproduced with permission:

TJ - 1st February 2024

I love your site. I’ve been down a rabbit hole with fonts for a new project, and Identifont is just a delightfully useful tool. It’s honestly brought me so much joy. From the comprehensive font book, stats, simplicity in UX/UI, to the blog – it’s nostalgic and feels easy, intimate and fun.

Thank you guys for this little corner of the web. I didn’t know I needed such a respite, and I absolutely adore it.

Ruth Rice - 2nd January 2024

Your site is so helpful. I have used it on a number of occasions. I’m glad I found it.

Amy Trobaugh - 11th May 2022

Coolest. Site. Ever.

Thank you!

Barry Robertson - 12th November 2021

After a brief, pain-free search, your site has saved me hours of font finding. Thank you very much.

Wei Ting Hoon - 10th November 2021

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing website! It has helped me to identify some fonts and also see the (sometimes tiny!) differences between very similar fonts.

Sibylle Ryser - 6th May 2021

Just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic font finding tool. It surprises me time and again :)

Kim Fain - 19th November 2019

LOVE your site!

I do desktop publishing and occasionally I will receive an order where the client wants me to use a font they see in a photo or display. If I don’t know the name of the font, your site always comes through!!

Rob Lock - 19th October 2019

Congratulations on this amazing website, it’s a great tool to use when I’m designing book covers, particularly when they’re historical.

Ivo Gabrowitsch - 12th December 2018

The #font site I have used most in the last months is @Identifont. I just wish it had bigger and more comprehensive type samples.

Qing Ting - 30th January 2018

Your Identifont site is amazing! Thank you so much for all of your hard - and excellent - work on this.