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Ricardo Santos

Ricardo Santos

Information about the typeface designer Ricardo Santos and his fonts.

Ricardo Santos was born in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1976, studied at António Arroio school, and graduated from IADE (Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing), both in Lisbon. He took a Master de Tipografia Avanzada - EINA (Escola de Disseny i Art) in Barcelona.

He began his career as both a graphic designer and illustrator, and since 1997 has designed his own typefaces. He now works as a freelance type designer and teaches at ESAD.CR in Caldas da Rainha. In 2011 he set up the Tiponautas type foundry, together with Luis Alonso, and in 2013 he joined Tipos das Letras.

[Ricardo Santos, July 2014]


Fonts designed by Ricardo Santos:

Atlantica Bold
Atlantica Display
Atlantica Display Bold
Focus Bold
Focus Dingbats
Grafia Sans 1
Grafia Sans 1 Black
Grafia Sans 1 Bold
Grafia Sans 1 Thin
Lab Sans
Lab Sans Bold
Lab Slab
Lab Slab Black
Lab Slab Bold
Lisboa Dingbats
Lisboa Sans
Ruha Hairline
Ruha Latin
Tramuntana 1
Tramuntana 1 Bold
Tramuntana 1 Caption
Tramuntana 1 Caption Bold
Tramuntana 1 Caption Heavy
Tramuntana 1 Display
Tramuntana 1 Display Bold
Tramuntana 1 Display Heavy
Tramuntana 1 Heavy
Tramuntana 1 Subhead
Tramuntana 1 Subhead Bold
Tramuntana 1 Subhead Heavy
Tramuntana Dingbats
Van Condensed
Van Condensed Bold
Van Dingbats

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