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Thomas Schostok

Thomas Schostok

Thomas Schostok was born in 1972 and raised in Essen a small, dull town somewhere in Germany. He worked as a salesman for bathroom tiles. He never studied Art or Design because he thought, to study design is brain washing. In 1999 he founded {ths} design, working in his own studio for international and national clients. BlahBlahBlah. He had always a passion for Fonts and Type and founded the Cape-Arcona Type Foundry together with Stefan Claudius.

He was real. He was slim. And boy, was he shady. Designer Thomas Schostok (aka THS, aka Mr. Trash-Porn) repulsed us all the way to the bank. Well aware that he was that old story - a boy never rewarded for mastering a trash art form - he earned critical cred with brilliant, gymnastic design.

But his design, dripping with hate for uniformity and boredom, made parents reel, gave pop-culture-bashing pols a poster boy and posed critics a conundrum: Where does new-school rebellion stop and old-school bigotry begin?

[Thomas Schostok, June 2004]


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