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Helmut Ness

Information about the typeface designer Helmut Ness and his fonts.

Born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in 1972, Helmut Ness has worked in collaboration with both Markus Remscheid and Werner Schneider. With Remscheid, he produced Russisch Brot and with Schneider, Vialog, a transportation typeface for the German Federal Transportation Ministry. Vialog is now used as the corporate font for the federal train authority, Renfe, in Spain too.

He is the co-founder of F├╝nfwerken Design AG, which has offices in both Wiesbaden and Berlin. The company has completed information design projects for the Munich Transport Authority, including both metro and tram route maps. He is a member of the Association Typographique International, the Type Directos Club of NY and the International Institute of Information Design. He has spoken at international presentations, including TypoBerlin.

[LC, December 2009]

Fonts designed by Helmut Ness:

Linotype Russisch Brot Eat
Linotype Russisch Brot Eat Text
Linotype Russisch Brot Eat Two
Vialog Signs Arrows Four
Vialog Signs Arrows One
Vialog Signs Arrows Three
Vialog Signs Arrows Two
Vialog Signs Communication
Vialog Signs Community One
Vialog Signs Community Two
Vialog Signs Conduct
Vialog Signs Direction One
Vialog Signs Direction Two
Vialog Signs Sport
Vialog Signs Transport One
Vialog Signs Transport Three
Vialog Signs Transport Two

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