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How Identifont works

The technology behind Identifont

The Identifont Web site uses the Common Lisp Hypermedia Server, a Web server designed for advanced applications in AI and research, and developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

How the fonts are obtained

Foundries and designers have been extremely supportive in providing samples of their fonts for use by us in adding the information to Identifont. We do the work of training the expert system and creating the character-set GIF sample images ourselves, to ensure accuracy and consistency.

To submit your own fonts to Identifont click here: Submit fonts.

How Identifont is financed

We finance Identifont's development and expansion with commission received from some of the font publishers and vendors on sales resulting from referrals from Identifont.

Note that we don't exclude foundries who don't pay commission, but we give those that do a higher ranking in the list.

Where Identifont is based

Identifont is based in Cambridge, England.