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Lynne Garell

Lynne Garell has been fascinated by letterforms since childhood. She used to make her own greetings cards and sell them to her family for 25 cents each. Her father encouraged her interest, sourcing style sheets for 20 typefaces from the local newspaper, which she started copying. At about same time, she also started calligraphy.

In college she majored in graphic design, continuing to explore type. After college, she joined a design studio in San Francisco. This led her to the Rochester Institute of Technology and Hermann Zapf's courses in calligraphy and typefaces. At the time, the Institute was biased in favour of the use of Helvetica for all student projects; consequently she has studiously avoided it. Her thesis concerned the development of a low-res display font, Alice.

After graduate school Lynne joined the Adobe Systems type department as a typographic voyeur. She has worked with many type designers, calligraphers, and book designers to bring new faces to market. As an Adobe Type Evangelist, she has been involved in educating people about type, its use and history.

[LC, December 2009]

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