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Kris Holmes

Information about the typeface designer Kris Holmes and her fonts.

Born in Reeley, California, Kris Holmes studied calligraphy with Robert Palladino and Lloyd Reynolds at Reed College, and modern dance with Judy Massee. She continued her education in New York, studying calligraphy and type design with Hermann Zapf, and lettering with Edward Benguiat, alongside modern dance at the Martha Graham and Alwin Nikolais schools. She gained a BA from Harvard and then a Master of Fine Arts in Animation from UCLA Film School

Her calligraphy and lettering has appeared in the Scientific American and Fine Print, as well as other magazines and journals. She has exhibited at Mills College and Rhode Island School of Design, and her work is also on permanent display at the Klingspor Museum, Offenbach, Germany and at the Melbert B Cary Collection of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

She has created over 100 typefaces herself, and together with Charles Bigelow she is responsible for several which are distributed by Apple. With Bigelow, she worked to extend the Lucida family. Her type and lettering has been used in signage at the Louvre and the Walter Lantz Animation Studio, UCLA. She has taught type design at Portland State University, Portland Museum Art School, Rhode Island School of Design, Santa Monica College, and Otis College of Art.

Currently, she is president of Bigelow & Holmes.

[LC, December 2009]

Fonts designed by Kris Holmes:

ITC Isadora
ITC Isadora (EF)
Kolibri Isolated
Lucida (URW)
Lucida Big Casual
Lucida Blackletter
Lucida Blackletter (URW)
EF Lucida Blackletter T
Lucida Bold
Lucida Bright
Lucida Bright (URW)
EF Lucida Bright Narrow T
EF Lucida Bright T
EF Lucida Calligraphy
Lucida Calligraphy
Lucida Calligraphy (URW)
Lucida Casual
Lucida Casual (URW)
EF Lucida Casual T
Lucida Console
Lucida Fax
Lucida Fax (URW)
EF Lucida Fax T
Lucida Grande
Lucida Grande Bold
Lucida Handwriting
Lucida Handwriting (URW)
EF Lucida Handwriting T
Lucida Math
EF Lucida Mono
Lucida Sans
Lucida Sans (URW)
Lucida Sans Bold
EF Lucida Sans Narrow
EF Lucida Sans T
Lucida Sans Typewriter
Lucida Sans Typewriter (URW)
EF Lucida Sans Typewriter T
EF Lucida T
Lucida Typewriter
Lucida Typewriter (URW)
Lucida Typewriter Bold
EF Lucida Typewriter T
Shannon Bold
Shannon Extra Bold
Wingdings 2
Wingdings 3

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