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Francesco Simoncini

The Italian designer Francesco Simoncini worked with the Ludwig & Mayer foundry, but also established his own foundry after the Second World War. He was the founder and managing director of Simoncini, which was based in Bologna, Italy. A family company, it manufactured linecasters. He was also the director of its typeface program.

In 1956, he was invited by Giulio Einaudi to design a new typeface for his publishing house. Einaudi wanted a new face based on Garamond, and the result was Simoncini Garamond, and it was loosely based on the original face. It was successfully used by Einaudi, and subsequently adopted by many other publishers. Another of his typefaces, Aster, is still very popular. He designed it in 1958, and originally intended it for use in newspapers and books. He died in 1967.

[LC, December 2009]

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