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Darren Raven

Information about the typeface designer Darren Raven and his fonts.

Darren Raven graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1998. He is now a freelance illustrator, working for a wide range of clients in both the UK and the United States. In his design work, he is concerned with "the creation of symbolic and iconic imagery that amplifies messages through simplification". He is also fascinated by the effect of photocopying and printing techniques on his own hand-drawn images.

He has taught at both Staffordshire University and at Ravensbourne College. He currently teaches on the London College of Communication's FdA in Design for Graphic Communication.

In collaboration with John Critchley he produced the FF Bokka typeface.

[LC, January 2010]

Fonts designed by Darren Raven:

FF Bokka Drawings One
FF Bokka Drawings Three
FF Bokka Drawings Two
FF Bokka Half Shadow
FF Bokka Outline
FF Bokka Shadow
FF Bokka Solid

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