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John Critchley

Information about the typeface designer John Critchley and his fonts.

After graduating from Manchester Polytechnic, John Critchley went to work with Designers' Republic. From there he joined Neville Brody's London studio. There with Brody and Jon Wozencroft he co-edited FUSE, a collection of experimental typefaces and posters. Later he worked on print projects for various clients including The Photographers' Gallery. He then joined MTV, where he was art director. Since he has worked for many clients across all media.

Critchley collaborated with illustrator Darren Raven on FF Bokka, and to create FF Child's Play he digitized many samples of children's handwriting. During his time with FUSE, he also designed Populist, Ollie and Mutoid.

He now runs Visual Material, which handles print, animation and web design projects.

[LC, November 2009]


Fonts designed by John Critchley:

FF Bokka Drawings One
FF Bokka Drawings Three
FF Bokka Drawings Two
FF Bokka Half Shadow
FF Bokka Outline
FF Bokka Shadow
FF Bokka Solid
FF Bull Double
FF Bull Inked
FF Bull Outline
FF Bull Overinked
FF Bull Semi Inked
FF Bull Underinked
FF Child's Play Age Eight
FF Child's Play Age Five
FF Child's Play Age Nine
FF Child's Play Age Seven
FF Child's Play Age Six
FF Child's Play Age Ten

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