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Albert-Jan Pool

Albert-Jan Pool

Albert-Jan Pool was born July 9th, 1960 in Amsterdam. He studied in The Hague at the Royal Academy of Arts. Initiated by Professor Gerrit Noordzij the Academy had become an incubator of type design. Albert-Jan was one of the co-founders of Letters], a group of young Dutch type designers. Many of its members (Frank E. Blokland/ Dutch Type Library, Petr van Blokland, Jelle Bosma, Luc(as) de Groot, Bart de Haas, Henk van Leyden, Peter Matthias Noordzij/The Enschede Font Foundry, Marie-Cécile Noordzij-Pulles, Just van Rossum, and Peter Verheul) have become well-known type-designers.

After his study he left for Hamburg, Germany. From 1987 to 1991 he was Type Director at Scangraphic in Germany. And from 1991 to 1994 he was the manager of Type Design and Production at URW in Hamburg. During this time he completed his type families URW Imperial, URW Linear, and Mauritius (URW).

By January 1995 he started his own studio Dutch Design in Hamburg. FF DIN and FF OCR F were among his first projects. He had been teaching type design at the Muthesius Hochschule in Kiel from 1995 to 1998 (as well as typography at the Hamburg Academy for Marketing and Media). Together with type-consultant Stefan Rögener of AdFinder GmbH and copywriter Ursula Packhäuser he wrote and designed a book on the effects of type on brand image entitled "Branding with Type", which has been published by Adobe Press.

Dutch Design finally merged into FarbTon Konzept + Design. The new company was co-founded 1999 with Jörn Iken, and Klaus-Peter-Staudinger, as well as with Birgit Hartmann who is also the mother of their daughter Pia-Elina (born 1999). For customers of FarbTon he created several corporate typefaces such as Jet Set Sans together with Syndicate Brand & Corporate for Jet / Conoco in 1997, C&A InfoType together with Factor Design for C&A in 1998, DTL HEIN GAS for HEIN GAS Hamburger Gaswerke in 1999 and Regenbogen Bold for Regenbogen, a political party in Germany in 2001.

[Albert-Jan Pool, March 2002]

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