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Popular fonts history

How the ten most popular fonts have changed over the last nine months.

Nine months agoSix months agoThree months agoToday
1ITC BenguiatHelvetica NeueHelvetica NeueAvenir
2Helvetica NeueITC BenguiatHelveticaHelvetica
3Aveny TBebas NeueAvenirHelvetica Neue
4AvenirFuturaStencil BoldFutura
5FuturaDevinyl LineAvenir Next CondensedEF Eastside
6HelveticaGothamAveny TGotham
7Stencil (BT)Aveny TFuturaStencil Bold
8GothamHelveticaEphesisModern Love Grunge
9Art DecoRalewayGothamArial