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Popular fonts history

How the ten most popular fonts have changed over the last nine months.

Nine months agoSix months agoThree months agoToday
1Neue HelveticaOptimaOptimaFutura
2Stencil BoldCentury GothicFuturaHelvetica
3Modern Love GrungeFuturaArialCentury Gothic
4OptimaHelveticaCentury GothicAnarckhie
5FuturaITC KorinnaNeue HelveticaBrush Script
6Modern Love CapsFeixenHelveticaNeue Helvetica
7HelveticaArialDevinyl LineITC Korinna
8GothamAnarckhieITC KorinnaArt Deco
9AvenirCross Stitch CursiveModern Love GrungeArial
10Century GothicGinto Nord BoldEphesisFF Kurt