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Popular fonts history

How the ten most popular fonts have changed over the last nine months.

Nine months agoSix months agoThree months agoToday
1AvenirFuturaAvenirAveny T
3Museo SansAvenirMuseo SansFutura
4FuturaMuseo SansAveny TGotham
5Aveny THelveticaArt DecoMontserrat
6MontserratAkzidenz-GroteskGothamMuseo Sans
7EphesisHelvetica NeueAkzidenz-GroteskStencil (BT)
8HelveticaArt DecoMontserratOld English
9Old EnglishMontserratHelveticaMaison Neue
10Stencil (BT)SlipstreamAvenir NextHelvetica Neue