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Popular fonts history

How the ten most popular fonts have changed over the last nine months.

Nine months agoSix months agoThree months agoToday
2GothamStencil BoldGothamFutura
3FuturaMuseo SansFuturaHelvetica
4Museo SansGothamMuseo SansGotham
5Helvetica Neue CondensedMontserratStencil BoldStencil Bold
6Avenir NextHelveticaITC BenguiatMuseo Sans
7HelveticaBlissBlissArt Deco
8MontserratAvenir NextMontserratBrush Script
9Avenir Next CondensedNeutra TextArt DecoFakt
10Neutra TextFuturaP22 FLLW EaglefeatherITC Avant Garde