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Popular fonts history

How the ten most popular fonts have changed over the last nine months.

Nine months agoSix months agoThree months agoToday
1AvenirAveny TAveny TITC Benguiat
2Museo SansAvenirITC BenguiatHelvetica Neue
3FuturaFuturaAvenirAveny T
4Aveny TGothamGothamAvenir
5HelveticaMontserratArt DecoFutura
6Akzidenz-GroteskMuseo SansStencil (BT)Helvetica
7GothamStencil (BT)Helvetica NeueStencil (BT)
8MontserratOld EnglishHelveticaGotham
9Old EnglishMaison NeueMuseo SansArt Deco
10Art DecoHelvetica NeueMontserratArial