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Lyubov Kuznetsova (1928-2008)

Born in Tula, Russia, Lyubov Kuznetsova graduated from the Moscow Printing Institute in 1951. She joined the type design team of VNII Polygraphmash, where she remained for 40 years. During that time she held various positions - designer, head of the design department and chief of the oriental type design unit - and established herself as a senior member of the Russian type design community. In 1992, she moved to ParaType, where she worked as a staff designer until her death.

During her long career as a type, graphic, and book designer, this gifted calligrapher specialised in Arabic type design. Her Arabic designs, Naskh, Kufi and Nastaliq, were produced in cooperation with Egyptian, Iranian and Lebanese calligraphers. She also created many Cyrillic and Latin faces.

Her work was recognised with various awards, including a TDC medal for Kufi in 1998. She also worked on the other side of the fence, serving on the judging panel of the ATypl international type competition in 2001.

She died in Moscow after a long illness.

[LC, December 2009]

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