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Adriana Hernandez

Adriana Hernandez

Information about the typeface designer Adriana Hernandez and her fonts.

Adriana Hernandez (aka AdriH) studied theatre production and printmaking at the University of Miami. She was a scenic artist and a printmaker for five years during that time and often her work included lettering and brushwork on a large scale for scenery and small scale whilst drafting and printing. After bouncing from theatre to theatre, she finally settled down to complete a Masters of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008.

Soon after graduation, Adriana began digitizing her handwriting and converting it into a series of fonts and designing purely digital fonts under her foundry Adriprints. Draft Punk, her most popular font, is a handwriting font based on her own architectural script from her set design days.

[Adriana Hernandez, August 2009]


Fonts designed by Adriana Hernandez:

Draft Punk
Draft Punk Lite
Draft Punk Skinny
Sorbet Bold
Sorbet Wide
Stitchin Crochet

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