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Alexandros Papalexis

Information about the typeface designer Alexandros Papalexis and his fonts.

Alexandros Papalexis studied graphic design and typography at the National Design School (TEI) of Athens. He started designing his own fonts while attempting to improve some older ones for his own projects.

For 15 years he has been designing corporate packages for leading Greek companies and CD covers for the music industry, while his work has been featured in design-oriented magazines.

He received a merit award from EBGE Awards 2009. He has been part of the Parachute design team since 2000.

[Parachute, May 2009]


Fonts designed by Alexandros Papalexis:

PF Kids Grade Five
PF Kids Grade One
PF Kids Grade Three
PF Kidstuff
PF Playskool
PF Playskool 3D
PF Playskool 3D Outline
PF Playskool Confetti
PF Playskool Half Full

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