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Panos Vassiliou

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Panos Vassiliou

Panos Vassiliou is an award winning designer. Two years after his graduation from the University of Toronto/Canada, where he studied Applied Science and Engineering, he pursued a teaching career at George Brown College/Toronto, first in the Information Systems Department and later in the Media & Graphic Arts Department. 

He has been Creative Director for the Canadian design firm AdHaus and former Publisher of the Greek monthly magazine DNA. He has been designing typefaces since 1993, including commercial fonts as well as commissions from Vodafone, Nestle, IKEA, Kraft and National Geographic. He is regularly invited as a guest speaker to conferences and seminars, to speak on typography and related topics.

After moving to Greece, he started Parachute in 1999 setting the base for a typeface library that reflects the works of some of the best contemporary Greek designers, as well as creatives around the world obsessed with type. He received a merit award for his typeface Archive at the EBGE Awards 2004. He also won the original typeface award at the European Design ED Awards 2008, for the typeface superfamilies Centro Pro.

[Panos Vassiliou, May 2009]


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