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Hamish Muir

Information about the typeface designer Hamish Muir and his fonts.

Born in Scotland, Hamish Muir has lived most of his life in England. He wanted to study science at college, but his mathematics was not up to standard. Instead he went to art school to study photography. Later he studied at Bath Academy of Art. He then worked in London before spending a year at what is now the Basel School of Design, following its Advanced Graphic Design course. On his return to the UK, he worked as an exhibition designer for four years.

Together with Mark Holt and Simon Johnston, he founded 8vo in 1984. The studio worked on a wide range of typographically based projects in identity, print, publishing, record packaging, including for the infamous Factory Records label, and information design for clients in the UK, Europe, and US until 2001.

He was also editor of Octavo, the International Journal of Typography. Edited, designed, and published by 8vo, Octvao appeared as an eight-issue series between 1986 and 1992. The first seven issues were printed as A4 16-page books, while the eighth was an interactive CD-ROM.

He now teaches at the London College of Communication, as the lead tutor for information design. He is also a visiting lecturer at Basel School of Design's International Master Program in visual communication. His recent projects include work on design books for Laurence King publisher and extending the Tephra lower-case typeface originally designed with Dalton Maag in 1994 for 8vo.

[LC, January 2010]


Fonts designed by Hamish Muir:

Tephra 0
Tephra 100
Tephra 12
Tephra 138
Tephra 250
Tephra 50
FF ThreeSix 01 Mono
FF ThreeSix 01 Mono Black
FF ThreeSix 01 Mono Extra Light
FF ThreeSix 10
FF ThreeSix 10 Black
FF ThreeSix 10 Thin
FF ThreeSix 11
FF ThreeSix 11 Black
FF ThreeSix 11 Thin
FF ThreeSix 20
FF ThreeSix 20 Black
FF ThreeSix 20 Thin
FF ThreeSix 21
FF ThreeSix 21 Black
FF ThreeSix 21 Thin
FF ThreeSix 30
FF ThreeSix 30 Black
FF ThreeSix 30 Thin
FF ThreeSix 31
FF ThreeSix 31 Black
FF ThreeSix 31 Thin

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