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Jérémie Hornus

Jérémie Hornus

Information about the typeface designer Jérémie Hornus and his fonts.

Jérémie Hornus studied Graphic Design at Le Scriptorium de Toulouse, France, and then completed a Master of Art in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK. He worked in London with Dalton Maag Ltd where he was involved in brand identity for clients such as Burberry, Toyota, HP, Nokia, Danish Industries, Dubai Metro, Manchester Metrolink, and the city of Southampton.

He now lives and works in Paris and creates retail and custom typefaces.

[Jérémie Hornus, July 2013]


Fonts designed by Jérémie Hornus (A-V):

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Astral FY
Beaurencourt FY
Beaurencourt FY Light
Blackmoon FY
Booster FY
Booster Next FY
Booster Next FY Black
Booster Next FY Bold
Booster Next Thin FY
Ennio FY
Gauthier Display Thin FY
Gauthier FY
Gauthier FY Bold
Gauthier Next Bold FY
Gauthier Next FY
Jack FY
Kefa Bold
Kefa II
Kefa II Black
Kefa II Bold
Kefa II Light
Klaus Black FY
Klaus Bold FY
Klaus FY
Klaus Light FY
Kraaken FY
Lean-O FY
Lean-O FY Black
Lean-O FY Bold
Lean-O FY Thin
Lean-O Sans FY
Marianina Condensed FY
Marianina Condensed FY Black
Marianina Condensed FY Bold
Marianina Condensed FY Thin
Marianina FY
Marianina FY Black
Marianina FY Bold
Marianina FY Thin
Maryleen FY
Naive Gothic FY
Saya Black FY
Saya Bold FY
Saya FY
Saya SemiSans Black FY
Saya SemiSans Bold FY
Saya SemiSans FY
Saya SemiSans Thin FY
Saya Thin FY
Schoiffer Sans
Schoiffer Sans Bold
Suzee FY
Sérafine FY
Vanille FY
Vicomte FY

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