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Nicolien van der Keur

Nicolien van der Keur is a Dutch graphic designer who started in 1990 her own studio, 'Van der Keur graphic design'. Nicolien's personal way of working and versatile interests brought her a broad range of work, such as magazines, books, websites, corporate identities and packing material.

While working with books, magazines and corporate identities she experienced the pleasure of choosing a typeface that reads and functions well and is appropriate for its application. This and her experience with type in general, sparked her interest even further in how typefaces and typography can help to structure texts and make the navigation for the reader as clear as possible. This curiosity directed her to the University of Reading (UK), where she received in 2007 an MA degree, specializing in designing a typeface for dictionaries, encyclopedias and other high-density complex text-environments.

She is now dividing her work as a type designer and graphic designer, working with a deeper insight in typography.

[Nicolien van der Keur, August 2010]


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