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Torleiv Sverdrup

Information about the typeface designer Torleiv Sverdrup and his fonts.

Norwegian Torleiv Sverdrup has been a freelance designer for more than 20 years. Since 2005 he has focused on type design, devoting the majority of his time to it. He usually starts a new typeface by concentrating on just a few letters, sketching them out many times. These sketches serve as a matrix for the rest of the alphabet. He admits that the end results often bear little resemblance to the initial sketches.

Naming typefaces is important to Sverdrup; the names he gives often mean something. For example, Coda, the Italian for tall, suggests the way that the h, m, and n stretch below the baseline. His Mai typeface is so named because Mai is Norwegian for the month of May, and he wanted to evoke the lightness of spring and summer. He took inspiration for this typeface from simple, modern forms, applying them to a classic design. He now works for International House of Fonts.

[Torleiv Sverdrup, December 2009]

Fonts designed by Torleiv Sverdrup:

P22 Coda Pro
P22 Coda Pro Bold
Foxtrot Bold
Foxtrot Sans
Foxtrot Sans Bold
P22 Hoy Pro
P22 Hoy Pro Bold
P22 Kirkwall
P22 Kirkwall Bold
P22 Late November
P22 Late November Bold
P22 Mai Pro
P22 Mai Pro Bold
P22 Ornes
P22 Ornes Pro Rustic
P22 Speyside
P22 Speyside Bold
P22 Spiggie Pro
P22 Spiggie Pro Bold

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