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American Type Founders (ATF) was the dominant American manufacturer of metal type from its creation in 1892, until the emergence of new typesetting technologies led to its decline in the 1940s. It was formed from the merger of 23 smaller type foundries, and its headquarters were in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

ATF's chief type designer between 1900 and 1937 was Morris Fuller Benton, and during his time at ATF he created many typefaces that are still in widespread use today, including the Century family, Franklin Gothic, and Bank Gothic.

Digital revivals of fonts published by ATF (A-E):

  A-E  F-S  T-Z  

Adonis Old Style SG
Argentina NF
Artemisia NF
Bernhard Gothic SG
Bodoni Poster
Bodoni Poster Compressed
Brush Script
Bulmer Bold
Bulmer Bold Display
Bulmer Display
Canterbury Old Style
Canterbury Old Style Swash
Century Expanded
Century Old Style
Century Old Style Bold
ITC Clearface
ITC Clearface Black
Monotype Clearface Bold
ITC Clearface Bold
Clearface Gothic
Clearface Gothic Black
Clearface Gothic Bold
Clearface Gothic Bold (Monotype)
EF Cloister Old Style B
Cloister Old Style SB
Cloister Old Style SH
LTC Cloister Oldstyle
EF Commercial Script
Commercial Script (BT)
Commercial Script (ITC)
Commercial Script (URW)
Commercial Script SB
Commercial Script SH
Copperplate Gothic 29 AB
Copperplate Gothic 29 BC
Copperplate Gothic 30 AB
Copperplate Gothic 30 BC
Copperplate Gothic 31 AB
Copperplate Gothic 31 BC
Copperplate Gothic 32 AB
Copperplate Gothic 32 BC
Copperplate Gothic 33 BC
Craw Modern
Cromwell NF
ITC Cushing
ITC Cushing Bold
Dom Casual
Duly Noted NF
Engravers Bold Face