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Viktor Kharyk

Born in the Ukraine, Viktor Kharyk studied at the Design School in Kiev until 1976. He continued his education at the city's Senior College for Print and Design, graduating in 1982.

In 1997 he became art director for the publisher, Sphera, based in Kiev. The following year, he joined Unique GmbH as a general designer working on computer typefaces. He creates and adapts Cyrillic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Georgian, Armenian, Arabian, Devanagari, and Glagolitic fonts. His designs are licensed by Masterfont, Elsner+Flake, and ParaType. He won TypeArt's International competition in 2003 and again in 2005.

He has written extensively about the theory and history of fonts. As the Ukranian delegate for ATypI he gave a paper on the old Roman styles and cyrillics at the 2009 conference.

[LC, January 2010]

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