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Eduilson Coan

Eduilson Coan

Information about the typeface designer Eduilson Coan and his fonts.

Eduilson Wessler Coan is a Brazilian type designer. He graduated in 2005, his professional work has always been focused on type design and editorial design.

[Eduilson Coan, September 2008]


Fonts designed by Eduilson Coan:

Encorpada Black
Encorpada Classic
Encorpada Classic Black
Encorpada Classic Bold
Encorpada Classic Extra Light
Encorpada Pro
Encorpada Pro Black
Encorpada Pro Bold
Encorpada Pro Extra Light
Fluence One
Fluence Three
Fluence Two
Maestra Bold
Niks Bold
Niks Thin
Ninfa Bold
Ninfa Serif
Ninfa Serif Bold
Ninfa Serif Light
Tres Tres Chic

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