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Cristóbal Henestrosa

Cristóbal Henestrosa

Cristóbal Henestrosa (b. Mexico City, 1979) got his bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and a master’s degree in Typographic Design from the Centro de Estudios Gestalt. He has also taken specialized courses in publications production at Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes. He has taught at institutions such as the National School of Plastic Arts, the INBA, Universidad Iberoamericana and Centro de Estudios Gestalt.

In 2005, he published "Espinosa. Rescate de una tipografía novohispana" (Espinosa. Revival of a Novohispanic Typography). He belongs to the Association Typographique International, to the Type Directors Club and to the Círculo de Tipógrafos as a founder member. His typefaces Fondo and Espinosa Nova have been awarded the certificate of excellence by the Type Directors Club.

[Cristóbal Henestrosa, June 2011]

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