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Bart Blubaugh

Bart Blubaugh has designed and illustrated his way through the retail, automotive, magazine publishing, software development, energy and automation industries. He has set his experience toward delivering visual communication that leads to results by designing forms, logos, stationery, digital graphics, brochures, print ads, event displays, magazines, and books. He has spent late nights crafting and maintaining temporary trade show displays on location, and has served his time as Photoshop jockey. As a designer with global power and automation technology leader ABB Inc., Bart strives to challenge corporate communicators to leverage their own company's visual identity guidelines and to consider the audience as important as the product.

Bart received his MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, in the UK, and has a BSc in Graphic Design earned in the USA.

[Bart Blubaugh, February 2008]

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