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Hannes von Döhren

Hannes von Döhren

Information about the typeface designer Hannes von Döhren and his fonts.

Hannes von Döhren was born in Berlin/Germany in 1979. After completing his studies (graphic design) in 2005, he worked in an advertising agency in Hamburg/Germany.

In 2007 he moved back to Berlin. Currently, he works as a freelancer. This allows him to spend some of his time on developing fonts as well.

Fonts: From a early age on he has began to deal with single letters of the alphabet. Besides working as a designer he has conceptualized letters and studied other designers' fonts. In 2002 he started working on fonts himself. He has got a type Web site, HvD Fonts, where his new releases can be seen and some fonts can be downloaded from free of charge.

[Hannes von Döhren, February 2008]


Fonts designed by Hannes von Döhren (A-J):

  A-J  K-Z  

FF Basic Gothic
FF Basic Gothic Black
FF Basic Gothic Bold
FF Basic Gothic Extra Light
Blow Up
Brandon Grotesque
Brandon Grotesque Black
Brandon Printed Double
Brandon Printed Extras
Brandon Printed Inline
Brandon Printed One
Brandon Printed One Shadow
Brandon Printed Shadow
Brandon Printed Two
Brandon Printed Two Shadow
Brandon Text
Brandon Text Black
Brandon Text Bold
Brandon Text Thin
Brevia Extra Black
Brix Sans
Brix Sans Bold
Brix Sans Extra Light
Brix Slab
Brix Slab Black
Brix Slab Condensed
Brix Slab Condensed Black
Brix Slab Condensed Extra Light
Brix Slab Extra Light
Bumper Compressed
Bumper Condensed
Cheap Pine
Cheap Pine Sans
ITC Chino
ITC Chino Black
ITC Chino Display Thin
ITC Chino Display Ultra
Christmas Dingbats 1
Christmas Dingbats 2
Comic Serif Pro
Cowboyslang Condensed
Cowboyslang Expanded
Diamonds Black
Diamonds Bold
Diamonds Thin
Embryo Open
Grandma Bold

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