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Paul Hunt

Paul D. Hunt was born and raised in the rural north-western corner of Arizona. Early on he became fascinated with the languages and cultures of peoples at home and abroad. He studied Spanish and Russian languages from junior high through his studies at Brigham Young University, where he received a BA degree in International Studies. Paul’s affinity for languages and design converged within the realm of typeface design, which he began as a hobby. After teaching himself the basic tools of the trade, he landed an internship with P22, which quickly turned into a permanent gig. Paul continued to hone his type craft at the University of Reading, where he enrolled in the Masters program in Typeface Design. He graduated with the honor of merit in 2008. He began work with Adobe Systems’ type team in January 2009.

In addition to basic Latin, Paul has designed typefaces for Cyrillic, Greek, Devanagari and typefaces with extended Latin coverage to support African and American Indian languages. He is a frequent contributor to, and moderator for, the indispensable online type community Typophile and has spent many hours tending to its wiki.

[Paul Hunt, January 2009]


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