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Kris Sowersby

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Kris Sowersby

After graduating from the Whanganui School of Design and working briefly as a graphic designer, Kris Sowersby started the Klim Type Foundry in 2005. His typefaces combine historical knowledge with rigorous contemporary workmanship, and are used internationally in analogue and digital media.

Since releasing his first retail typeface in 2007, Kris has received many awards and accolades, including: a Certificate of Excellence from the New York Type Directors Club for his second typeface, National, in 2008; being named an ADC Young Gun in 2010; being accepted as a member of the prestigious Alliance Graphique Internationale (the second New Zealander to do so) in 2013; and receiving the John Britten Black Pin in 2015, the highest award given by the Designers Institute of New Zealand.

[Kris Sowersby, July 2016]

Fonts designed by Kris Sowersby