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Crystal Kluge

Information about the typeface designer Crystal Kluge and her fonts.

Crystal Kluge is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based lettering artist/illustrator. Her background is retail and interior design. She's studied at Minneapolis College of Art & Design and University of Minnesota after obtaining her Bachelor's degree at North Dakota State University.

Working as a freelance illustrator since 1999, she's focused on handlettering creating work for advertising, headlines, logos, stationery and giftware products. Crystal released her first font, Silverstein, in 2007.

[Crystal Kluge, May 2008]

Fonts designed by Crystal Kluge:

Bookeyed Jack
Bookeyed Nelson
Bookeyed Sadie
Bookeyed Sadie Ampersands
Bookeyed Suzanne
Butterfly Kids
Butterfly Kids (Google)
Carrotflower Celebration Icons
Carrotflower Christmas Icons
Carrotflower Invitation Icons
Chelsea Market
Chelsea Market (Google)
Chelsea Market Open
Codystar (Google)
Crafty Girls
Crafty Girls Pro
Darling Monograms
Emilys Candy
Emilys Candy (Google)
Fredericka the Greatest
Frederika the Great
Henparty Sans
Henparty Serif
Mountains of Christmas
Nelly Script
Nelly Script Flourish
Princess Sofia Royale
San Rafael
San Rafael Mission
Seasoned Hostess

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