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Chris Dickinson

Chris Dickinson

Information about the typeface designer Chris Dickinson and his fonts.

Chris Dickinson graduated from Brighton University with a BA Hons in Graphic Design and a winner in the Donside Awards student category. Working with a number of small agencies Chris developed a passion for typography and designing custom fonts. Having released fonts through T-26 and Identikal, Chris is currently developing fonts for screen and print while working as a freelance Graphic/Web Designer.

[Chris Dickinson, January 2007]

Fonts designed by Chris Dickinson:

Alber New
Alber New Bold
Alwyn Bold
Alwyn New
Alwyn New Bold
Depot New
Depot New Bold
Depot New Condensed
Depot New Condensed Bold
Faricy Bold
Faricy New
Faricy New Bold
Faricy Stencil
Faricy Stencil Bold
Fold Bold
Hedley Bold
Hedley New
Hedley New Bold
Mic 32
Mic 32 New
Mic 32 New Bold
Rehn Bold
Rehn Condensed
Rehn Condensed Bold

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