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Martin Aleith

Contemporary graphic designer and typographer Martin Aleith formed the Berlin-based collective, Pfadfinderei (Pathfinders) in 1998. The collective specialises in visual marketing tools as well as events. It offers a full range of design services, across its three divisions: corporate design, production and installation.

Aleith describes himself as natural drawer, enjoying it from a young age. He typically starts his font designs by sketching them by hand, and then progresses to the computer, going back and forth between the computer and his printouts until he's happy.

Many of his fonts have begun life as artwork for CD covers, but he then fleshes them out to produce a full typeface. He describes the two weights of his font Knochen (bones) as "skeleton and skin". The original inspiration for the font came from the film production company TAXI.

[LC, December 2009]

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