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Jeremy Dean

Jeremy Dean designed one of his first fonts while studying at Temple's Tyler School of Art. Called Crackhouse, he used the face on school projects specifically to annoy his teachers. After completing his studies, he joined House Industries.

In 1998 he left and subsequently became art director at Urban Outfitters, while also working for music labels and bands, including Turing Knives, calling himself National Design. He then moved to Echo Unlimited and started a small design studio-cum-T-shirt company, Comfortable Lead. His designs, heavily influenced by his love of typography, are also behind the Double Edge Sword line of T-shirts. He collaborated on the clothing line, House33, with House Industries and Simon Armitage.

He is married with children and lives in Philadelphia, USA. Follow him on his two blogs, Comfortable Lead and The Hardcore Archaeologist.

[LC, December 2009]


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