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Ko Sliggers

Ko Sliggers

Information about the typeface designer Ko Sliggers and his fonts.

Around 1980 Ko Sliggers (born in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands in 1952) was one of the iconoclastic young designers who contributed to what has become known as the 'Dumbar style'. After two years at Studio Dumbar (1979-1981), Sliggers worked as an independent designer, became a professional cook in Rotterdam, Italy and France (1992-1995), switched back from food to design, producing challenging visuals at Studio Anthon Beeke (1996-1999), and in 2002 set up a one-man studio and foundry in Lalleweer, in the northern province of Groningen. From 2008 he has been living in Italy where he works part time as a cook, writes about food, and has a weekly feature on Dutch radio about cooking.

Although he was trained by Chris Brand at the St.Joost Academy in Breda (1975-1979), Sliggers is not part of the Dutch tradition of literary, historically inspired type design. The fonts are partially based on, and inspired by found, vernacular letterforms.

[Ko Sliggers, January 2010]


Fonts designed by Ko Sliggers:

DF Ariƫnne
DF Camino
DF Daantje
DF Dejavu
DF Dejavu Black
DF Dudok
DF Etalage Script
DF Ko Heavy
DF Ko Light
DF Mercat
DF Pigtail Bloated
DF Pigtail Fat
DF Pigtail Grill
DF Pigtail Lean
DF Pigtail Roast
DF Pigtail Streaky
DF Pommes Alumettes
DF Pommes Dauphine
DF Pommes Frites
DF Riga
DF Scheur Dat
DF Scheur Dit
DF Scheur Ze
DF Scheur Zo
DF Staple Mono
DF Staple Txt
DF Stromboli
DF Tapa Conserva
DF Tapa Fresca
DF Zzzz

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