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David Lawless

David Lawless

Information about the typeface designer David Lawless and his fonts.

David Lawless was born in Liverpool, UK, in 1974 and studied Graphic Design in 1992 at Kingston University. He started work at MET2, a small design studio in Manchester, in 1994, as well as teaching Foundation and HND Graphic Design part time at St Helens College of Art & Design.

He now works full time at Studio LIddell, a design, illustration and animation studio based in Manchester.

Among his most popular typeface designs are Suredog and Loop.

[David Lawless, March 2006]


Fonts designed by David Lawless:

Bloxed Rounded
Bomb Outline
Bomb Shadow
Bubblewrap Bold
Flat Pack
Imaginer Outline Four
Imaginer Outline One
Imaginer Outline Three
Imaginer Outline Two
Invaded 2600
Invaded 2600 Square
Loop Outline
Orcin Sans
Train Delayed
Train On Time

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