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Sebastian Kempgen

Sebastian Kempgen

Sebastian Kempgen is a professor for Slavic Linguistics at the University of Bamberg. He was always interested in historic alphabets and orthographies, and is the author of papers on Slavic philology and Unicode.

When the Mac Plus came out in 1986, he began to draw Cyrillic and Latin bitmap fonts covering Eastern Europe for his own use, and for his colleagues. His fonts were immensely successful, and he set up MacCampus to sell them. He became a beta tester for the first Cyrillic font produced by Adobe, and licensed standard outlines from URW. Commercially, his most successful fonts are Moskva & Ladoga, both Cyrillic. His best-known original designs are the trio of Old Church Slavonic fonts Method, Kirill, and Glagol.

[Sebastian Kempgen, September 2013]

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