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Nan Jay Barchowsky

Nan Jay Barchowsky

Nan Jay Barchowsky is a native Marylander (USA) and handwriting specialist. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, and worked briefly there before returning to Maryland. She studied letterforms with Sheila Waters and other internationally known calligraphers.

Her children attended an elementary school where she was asked to reform the handwriting with an italic-based program. Many long nights found Nan creating hand-drawn exemplars for the students. It seemed expedient to design a font so the exemplars could be typed. There are now two OpenType fonts. Barchowsky Dot is for beginning writers, and includes dots to indicate starting points for strokes. Barchowsky Fluent Hand has contextual alternates, allowing lowercase letters to join automatically. The latter font is appropriate for an elegant, simulated, handwritten message or for instructional purposes.

[Nan Jay Barchowsky, July 2005]


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