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Christian Robertson

Information about the typeface designer Christian Robertson.

Christian Robertson hails from Walnut Creek, California, where he runs the Betatype foundry []. His formal training is in Graphic Design with a BFA from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Aside from designing types and posting to the blog, Christian works as an Associate Director of Visual Design at Punchcut, a San Francisco based interface design company.

Christian also contributes as a moderator and technical architect for Typophile.

Among the typefaces that Christian has designed are Dear Sarah, an early connected OpenType script face, Pill Gothic and Doublewide.

[Christian Robertson, June 2008]


Fonts designed by Christian Robertson:

Calla Script
Calla Titling
Dear Sarah
Grant Avenue
Grant Avenue Bold
Pill Gothic
Pill Gothic Black
Pill Gothic Condensed
Pill Gothic Condensed Black
Pill Gothic Extended
Pill Gothic Extended Black
Roboto 2014
Roboto 2014 Black
Roboto 2014 Bold
Roboto 2014 Condensed
Roboto 2014 Condensed Bold
Roboto 2014 Condensed Light
Roboto 2014 Thin
Roboto Black
Roboto Bold
Roboto Condensed
Roboto Condensed Bold
Roboto Condensed Light
Roboto Slab
Roboto Slab Bold
Roboto Slab Thin
Roboto Thin

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