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Igor Shipovsky

Igor Shipovsky

Igor Shipovsky was born in Volgograd city in 1965. This beautiful town has the most respectable Soviet Union state award - the Hero Star - and the most honored title - the hero-city. It is more known in the world as Stalingrad - the place where fascist armies were stopped in the Second World War. It was completely destroyed during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and was built up anew after the war. Some central districts of Volgograd have an unique architectural style, called the Stalin Empire.

After growing in this historical place and finishing school, Igor moved to Kiev and entered the High Engineering Radio-Technical School of Air Defence Troops. Five years later he got the 'Mathematical supplements of the automatic controlling systems' profession and became a programmer. He was directed to serve to another Soviet city - Kalinin.

After some time, Igor demobilized and founded an advertising studio. Also he married and got a daughter. Having delighted of Kate's nursery drawings, Igor started creating fonts. Katherine Shipovsky is 17 now, she finished school with the gold medal just in June 2007 and is going now to continue her education in the Tver State University.

The Ancient Russian city Tver was renamed to Kalinin when the Bolsheviks created the Soviet Union. And now, after the USSR was denounced, Tver got back its historical name. Kiev belongs to the other state now, it is the capital of Ukraine. Many Soviet cities have changed their names the same way. Wishing to save the memory of their country, Igor and Kate Shipovsky decided to name the fonts they created after Russian cities. The prefix 'Gorod' in the font names means 'city of'. And that's why the venture founded by Igor Shipovsky is named Font City.

[Igor Shipovsky, June 2007]

Fonts designed by Igor Shipovsky

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