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Tomáš Brousil

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Tomáš Brousil

Tomáš Brousil

Tomáš Brousil devotes himself primarily to fonts and typography. He graduated at the UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (Type Design and Typography, MgA. 2009) with the project of 96 typefaces of the Tabac typeface. He founded Suitcase Type Foundry in 2003 as an outlet for his creative work. He is serving as a head of the Type Design and Typography studio together with Radek Sidun, with whom he co-founded Briefcase Type Foundry.

He is also a member of editorial and design team of the TYPO9010 book. Tomas won several awards for his typefaces, including TDC Certificate for Typographic Excellence and European Design awards.

[Tomáš Brousil, November 2018]


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