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Boris Mahovac

Boris Mahovac

Boris Mahovac operates Alphabet Design, a Toronto-area {typo}graphic studio where he develops original and custom Latin and Cyrillic fonts. He has worked with type since 1987 - remember bitmaps? His skills at designing low-res type were recently honoured when he was commissioned to develop fonts for the Javits Convention Center in NYC.

Four fonts created by Boris have been accepted for publication by Bitstream, Inc. as part of their New Font Collection. They are: Duckling, Kloi, Tabita, and a collection of symbols drawn by a Czech designer Evzen Jecho.

Work in progress: A set of symbol fonts based on Paul Arthur's pictographs in collaboration with unlimited.

A Registered Graphic Designer, Boris is also a member of the Type Club of Toronto and TDC.

[Boris Mahovac, March 2006]

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