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Jakob Fischer

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Jakob Fischer

Jakob Fischer was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1970. As a kid he was always making little funny drawings and he continued to do that when he was in school (he's a good listener while drawing!). Later he became a teenager and grafitti came to Denmark. He immediately fell in love with the funky letter style, and started doing grafitti himself.

He has been making typefaces on computers such as Vic-20, ZX 81, ZX Spectrum, C-64, Amiga 500, and latest PC and Mac. The style of Jakob Fischer, or rather Pizzadude as his foundry is called, is loose, laid back, and funky.

As of October 2004 he has designed about 300 freeware fonts and about 70 shareware fonts, and besides that he designs stickers, postcards, posters, t-shirts, and CD's - all to promote his love-child: Pizzadude.

[Jakob Fischer, October 2004]


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