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Arjen Noordeman

Arjen Noordeman, born in 1975 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Resides in Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.

Graffiti peeked his interested in letterforms, color and composition. Studying graphic design added understanding of visual communication and developed his craft. Working with many amazing creative people and clients large and small nurtured his love for the field and matured his skills.

Upon graduating from the Arnhem Academy in 1998 he was devouring every issue of Emigré that came out and also learned of designer P. Scott Makela whose work he saw in Dutch design magazine ITEMS. These things made him crave something more exciting than just a design job, so when he found out that P. Scott was Co-chair with his wife, designer Laurie Haycock-Makela at Cranbrook Academy of Art ... it was an easy choice. He started Cranbrook three months later.

"Agent" means "One who initiates action". It was a nickname given to him by friend and artist Skooby Laposky. Now, it refers to that which connects the parts to activate them.

At Cranbrook he met Christie Wright who attended the Ceramics program as well as Mike Essl whom hired him as designer for the company he co-founded, The Chopping Block in New York City in 2000.

After a year in broadcast design in The Netherlands, he was an independent designer working with some of the best interactive design firms in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He married Christie on November 3rd in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Today he lives and works in New York City where he founded the multidisciplinary design firm ELASTICBRAND with his wife Christie.

[Arjen Noordeman, November 2006]


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