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Tony Knight

Tony Knight

Tony was born and raised in Salem, Oregon and has been blessed to travel over 59,000 miles in 27 countries and has been to every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

He is currently the Systems Director for Church Art Works (CAW) and their other divisions. He's enjoyed working at CAW since 1995 and has even served in dual roles as Executive Director and Systems Director for almost 7 years. And he continues to do some development and beta testing for various software companies.

Before CAW, he was an Apple Sales Manager and Apple Certified Tech for four years. And before that, he was the Production Control Analyst for ATA Northwest, Inc. He's also been published in MacWeek magazine before they merged with MacCentral and MacWorld.

Tony's font designs have been used by companies such as Disney, Minor League Baseball, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Hasbro, Universal Studios, and Sony Entertainment. He also did the technical font work on Big City, Whutevur, and the Mariner font (Seattle Mariners) for Nancy Ogami Design and Frederick & Froberg Design Inc.

[Tony Knight, August 2013]


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