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Benoit Desprez

Benoit Desprez

Benoit Desprez was born in Forbach (France) in 1967. He didn't learn anything in any school. He's as dynamic as an oyster. When he was a child (last year) he just wanted to became a great cartoonist, or a superhero. But for now, he's just an anonymous illustrator, living in Lyon (France too), known as Mr Blouh (sounds like "blue" in English). He is married and has two children. He works for anyone who want's to work with him for illustration, graphic or web design, creates and designs dynamic websites, takes part in the graphic design magazine "ON" and is still working on his own comic strip "Les Invasions Dare-Dare", availiable as soon as it is finished.

Sometimes, he designed fonts, just for fun, without claim. That's the reason why he was invited to the internationnal meeting of typography in Lures in 1999. The most popular BlueFonts are those sold by T26 (Blue Brush, Blue Global, Blue Century and Blue Type) and the powerful BlueCake which is turning up on the web. Have fun, be fonted… Stay blue!

[Benoit Desprez, July 2007]


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