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Brode Vosloo

Brode Vosloo gained a national diploma in graphic design from the Durban Institute of Technology in South Africa in 1996. He has since designed album covers and promotional materials at Extreme Music and created award-winning typographically-driven designs for the restaurant, Home, while at Disturbance Design. He has also worked for Iron Fist, a youth fashion clothing brand, and Hirt and Carter, a motion picture and film company, where he created motion graphic designs. He is currently the European marketing manager at Fox Europe, South Africa's largest action sports brand.

His work has also included T-shirt designs for mens' magazines. He designed a T-shirt for GQ magazine's 50th birthday and a limited edition T-shirt for Men's Health in 2005. He was the subject of an article in Blunt magazine and is involved with I-jusi magazine.

He is a member of the Type Directors Club and Typophile. His fonts are released through T26. He also contributes to Sacred Nipple, the only type foundry to make a conscious effort to promote the splendours of African design and typography.

[LC, December 2009]

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