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Grant Hutchinson

Grant Hutchinson

Even though Grant has been designing, manipulating and marketing digital type for years, he still gets misty-eyed recalling the hours he spent hunched over sheets of dry-transfer lettering, painstakingly ad-libbing uppercase As from inverted Vs and hyphens.

Growing up with rubylith, rapidograph pens, the hum of line camera arc lamps, and the smell of fixer gave Grant a solid analog base for his design sense and aesthetic. He can also pluck Compugraphic control codes out of thin air as a party trick.

He studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, majoring in the photographic arts. Photography has been an ongoing passion, as evidenced by recent work found in his Flickr account.

On the way to his current gig at Veer, he created typefaces and helped keep the storefronts tidy at visual content purveyors such as Image Club, Adobe Studios, EyeWire, and Getty Images.

Converse Chuck Taylor high tops are his footwear of choice.

Grant resides in Calgary, Alberta - along with a basement full of vintage computers and typographic paraphernalia that his wonderful wife wishes he would store elsewhere.

[Grant Hutchinson, December 2007]


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