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Joseph Coniglio

Joseph Coniglio, creator of Carbon 14, Sublime, Passport, and Telepath was born in Niagara Falls, New York in 1955. He was awarded his Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1979 from the State University College of New York.

As an art director and studio artist for more than 25 years, he spent ten of them in San Francisco, California.. His services were retained, notably by Bechtel Inc. of San Francisco and General Electric of Fairfield, CT.

He was one of the first drawing board artists to move to the new Apple Macintosh platform in 1981 at what is now Lockheed. Today Mr. Coniglio is the Communications Director for SSARIS Advisors, a financial management firm located in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

[Joseph Coniglio, July 2003]

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