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James Arboghast

James Arboghast

James Arboghast was born in Melbourne in 1963 and spent part of his childhood in England. He has worked as a photographer, art director, graphic designer, audio engineer, publicist and creative consultant.

James is presently a freelance advertising creative specializing in copy writing and visual identity. "Combining a permanent interest in monumental sculpture with written forms and semantics, I'm a philosophical artist who finds typography an ideal medium for the expression of abstract ideas.

"The fact of the matter is, type design is a vital, near-intangible fusion of art and science, a metaphysical craft conditioned by rich historical conventions. Setting out to do what ultimately cannot be perfected leads to creative work.

"The content of a typeface and what it says about the world makes it dynamic. Meditating in some way between a sense of history and an experience of the world, what I absorb when designing a font closes the gap between me and everything that is not me, and, flowing back into life through the spectator, passes from feeling to meaning."

[James Arboghast, March 2006]


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