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Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Information about the typeface designer Jason Smith and his fonts.

Jason Smith established Fontsmith in 1997, thus concluding a typographic apprenticeship which began several years earlier at the Monotype drawing office in Surrey.

Since then Fontsmith has steadily gained a reputation for producing work which Jason describes as "Very human and full of character", bringing style and personality to the business of crafting 'typographic identity'.

Perhaps best known outside design circles for bespoke fonts created for clients such as Channel 4, Post Office and ITV, Fontsmith is currently focussing on expanding its library of "fresh and exclusive" downloadable fonts.

[Jason Smith, March 2006]

Fonts designed by Jason Smith:

FS Albert
FS Albert Pro
FS Albert Pro Extra Bold
FS Albert Pro Narrow
FS Albert Pro Narrow Extra Bold
FS Alvar
FS Alvar Bold
FS Blake
FS Blake Heavy
FS Clerkenwell
FS Clerkenwell Light
FS Dillon
FS Dillon Bold
FS Ingrid
FS Ingrid Light
FS Jack
FS Jack Bold
FS Jack Poster
FS Joey
FS Joey Bold
FS Kitty
FS Kitty Light
FS Kitty Shadow
FS Kitty Solid
FS Me Heavy
FS Rome
FS Rufus
FS Sally
FS Sally Heavy
FS Sammy
FS Sinclair
FS Sinclair Bold
FS Sophie
FS Truman
FS Truman Bold
FS Truman Light

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